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How to Cope with the Cycle, Not Stages, of Grief

I was invited to write about grief for a popular website, so I have been thinking about it, and what I might write. So many have written and sung and drawn their experiences of grief and loss. What could I add to … Continue reading

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Bowie Tribute on The Health Care Blog

Thanks to the editors at www.thcb.org for featuring my tribute to David Bowie and one of my favorite songs, Ground Control to Major Tom.  I’ve contributed to THCB in the past, but always about health policy. I’m glad to have found … Continue reading

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what did I mean to save that day I stood pounding your chest, fired by urgency that was not love but habit a current that ran once? I felt it for years even after it had stopped and you could … Continue reading

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What Fire Was Like

    What we needed, we did not want. What we wanted, we did not need. Whatever safety I sought in you Did not exist there. We were in a cold room, two sticks for hearts. When they rubbed together, … Continue reading

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January Drifts

We will not gather here again. You slip through time, I stand On a vacant shore. Your small boat Catches waves, drifts, swells, Whitecaps and breakers. We might once Have toyed with these, or, toppled, righted. Anymore, we are stranded. … Continue reading

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My friend

We had too few hours Paradise our horizon I will follow you

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That Would Be Singing

We had gone as far as the road Could take us. We’d come to other forks And made up our minds, or made do. Here, though, we gave up our fancy machines And stumbled on, by foot.  Sometimes, we had … Continue reading

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For Phyllis, 4-12-13

Honoring a life A woman I never knew Save her mother’s love

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I see my Grandmom Settled in her favorite chair Comfort in our past           Key words: haiku, Janice Lynch Schuster

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For Pat, March 21, 20013

Where does the heart go When the body can’t keep pace? You are here, in mine.   Last work

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