Like a Butterfly


I was the fat lady dressed
Like a bumble bee in my warm
Up clothes, front row
At the gym, where I threw
Hooks so fast they nearly nailed
The mirror. I have always been my own
Enemy, and though I do not look
Myself in the eye, I know how to land
A punishing blow or two. I float
Under the weight of my own worried mind
And sting at thoughts that hover there.

Ali, where have you gone? I need a man
To write my name on the mattress and stand
Up for me, or beside, to carve my name
Against the fierce dark night, to cheer
When I am down for the count
Laid low and bloody by the everyday
Opponents of this life.


Saying our goodbyes
From the moment we first met
How our lives go fast

While I didn’t count
You grew beyond my hand’s reach
Just living does that

We hold hands to sleep
A howling wind topples trees
We are dreaming still

We live forever
In memories and friendship
You are always mine

Every day my heart
Carves a path to memory
You come in again