11 billion miles

Interstellar space
More to it than you would think
Voyager explores



Many years ago, before I got involved in writing about health, I wrote about space. It piqued my imagination, even when it was the mundane aspects of engineering. Yesterday’s news that Voyager had hit interstellar space really caught my fancy. It takes 17 hours for a radio signal to reach us. The inconceivable distance and time. Abstractions. I have an old poem called “The Astronaut Who Never Landed Reminisces About the Moon,” based on a talk I heard by Buzz Aldridge, who orbited while Armstrong walked. I may have to start reading those articles again, which let my imagination drift. Go Voyager, go! David Bowie should sing about this. I hope the spirit of the late Pat Monk caught a ride.




key words: Voyager, space travel, interstellar space