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If you have ever loved a child, been a beloved child, or remembered happy moments shared with adults you loved, What Are Mothers For? will speak to your heart. With whimsical drawings accompanied by simple text, the book shows and tells the story of my memories of my childhood–some inspired by my grandmothers, my mother, and my sisters. The book follows the life cycle, from when we first come from the stars, to when we have children of our own.

Thanks to the expert design and layout support of Min Enghauser of The Torpedo Factor, the book LOOKS fantastic–and I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing and drawing it. Here is a short link:


And an early image: We arrive on a wing and a prayer:

on a wing and a prayer, 1

We have so much to learn and absorb, to do and become.

interior book spread

In the end, we create our own beauty, and the beautiful lives that follow us.

It would make a beautiful gift for the holidays, a new mom, a mom-to-be, a grandmother. Many women are mothers by virtue of birth and adoption, and many more by virtue of the love they give to children.  Please consider a copy, the first in a series about all kinds of people (and  maybe a few animals, too).

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At the shore

Children chasing gulls
As if they might ever land
Strong wind comes ashore
 My boy brings me shells
Proof of this wonderful world
Grey whorl in his hand
Men build sand castles
Children catch enormous waves
Sand crabs cannot hide
Old man boogie boards
Salt water in his grey beard
Schooling the young ones
Next wave is bigger
We wait to ride it to shore
Breakers all around
So much eye candy
Bare chested men body surf
Wash up at my feet
Shoreline erosion
I was here once, years ago
Nothing stays the same
Sunset cruise, dolphins
Jump sleepily off the bow
Surfer Dude patrols
The night takes us in
We can finally exhale
As the summer ends
Watching the boys surf
The waves lift them like small birds
Twittering with joy