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My Son Turns 27, and I’m Twice His Age (Again)!

The worst advice I ever received about becoming a parent–a response to my worries at never having cared for a newborn or toddler–was that I would always be one step ahead of my children. When my eldest son, Conor, arrived, he … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain: Living What I Did Not Know

On March 13, 2013, a needle stab or two during oral surgery triggered chronic neuropathic pain, which involves my entire mouth and, on its worst days, my lips, nose, and palate. It is called burning mouth syndrome, a misery I … Continue reading

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How Becoming an Artist at 53 Helped Me to Grieve–and Find Joy

All my life, no matter where I was or what I was doing (including earning an undergraduate degree in mathematics), I thought of myself as a writer, mostly a poet, but one who would venture into other literary arts, from … Continue reading

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What Are Mothers For?: Ready to purchase on Amazon!

If you have ever loved a child, been a beloved child, or remembered happy moments shared with adults you loved, What Are Mothers For? will speak to your heart. With whimsical drawings accompanied by simple text, the book shows and tells … Continue reading

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Hot Flash News Flash: Hormone Therapy for Menopause

After having endured hot flashes several times an hour day in and day out, I decided to find help. In the process, I learned a great deal, and shared what I learned in an article out in today’s Washington Post. … Continue reading

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I no longer remember why I hated My mother, such strong words For pass-a-day disputes. She was a girl Herself, and I, hers. What she knew Of love and safety, to me, a long list Of should-nots built on her … Continue reading

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Go, Diana, Go!

I had not thought about Diana Nyad for years, until a few weeks ago, when I woke to a morning full of Tweets and Facebook statuses, full of joyful for support for her long-dreamt of swim from Cuba to Florida. … Continue reading

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For Grandmom, 93 today

She slips on the world Our easy living room waltz Goes the way of time When I was a little girl, we’d visit my grandmother at her apartment. She’d put on records and teach us to box step. She could … Continue reading

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Turning fifty now. It is not the new thirty. My smile lines crinkle.

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Creative Minds Needed: Barriers and Opportunities to Better Care of Frail Elders

Posted originally by Disruptive Women In Health Care, June 14th, 2012   By Janice Lynch Schuster. When I was majoring in math, I was often stymied by theoretical problems that asked me to imagine things I could not conceptualize. I’d … Continue reading

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