Halloweensie: When Spiders Decorate

Aly loved October, when spiders spun ghostly webs to decorate for Halloween.

Fall turned cold early. The thumbnail moon was spooky. Aly worried about the spiders, freezing in the dark.

Aly knew how to help. That night, she tiptoed outside carrying her mother’s yarn box, full of tangled skeins. She gently gathered sleepy spiders, setting them in the box. Once it was full, she went inside and left it on the kitchen counter.


Aly woke to a ruckus in the kitchen: Daddy whacking at scuttling spiders, Mommy waving a broom.

Interior decorating! Halloween would be a wooly tangle!


7 thoughts on “Halloweensie: When Spiders Decorate

  1. Sweet, kind-hearted Aly! I’m glad she took care of the spiders… although I imagine things were a bit chaotic in the kitchen next morning! 🙂 Love “the thumbnail moon” – such a pretty description, and an original one! Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

    • Thank you–I felt so honored by your kind words! Thank you for taking time to read it. I actually revised it a bunch so it is about 200 words, and slightly different things occur. When my now 22-year old was 3 or 4, she told my mom that she loved our house when the spiders came to decorate for fall. I always loved that image–thank you for giving me a space to finally use it!

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