Valentiny: Rose’s Grumpy Chocolate Day

Rose was happy that Christmas was done. That horrid Elf on a Shelf was gone. Rose could stop worrying that someone was always watching her.

Now, it was Valentine’s Day, which was no fun at Rose’s school. The nice teachers might bring Sweethearts or lollipops. Some teachers would wear red, and maybe bring construction paper for classes to make a few cards.

In Rose’s neighborhood, people couldn’t waste money on candy and cards.

“Let’s go!,” Mom said as she grabbed Rose’s backpack. Rose did not  know that the Elf on the Shelf’s cousin, Valentiny, had zipped herself into Rose’s bag while Rose was asleep.

Valentiny was invisible, except to children. Only those with the kindest  hearts ever caught a glimpse of her. She flashed like a star.

Unlike the Elf, Valentiny knew that children were good. And she knew how much children need  TLC, even when they turn 14.

Overnight, Valentiny had swept through Rose’s school, filling each locker with golden chocolate coins–and a few real ones.

When the children opened their lockers that morning, the coins poured out everywhere. It was chaos: joyful disruption. Even the meanest teachers nearly smiled.

And while the children ate chocolate for breakfast and licked their chocolately lips, Valentiny danced away, a shooting star.


13 thoughts on “Valentiny: Rose’s Grumpy Chocolate Day

    • Thank you. My eldest son volunteers at a school where 75% of the children cannot read at grade level. Worse, the area is a food desert. And the school has no toilet paper or soap. All the things we take for granted. So I thought about how hard the holidays are for his students, and how I wished something magical would show up. Like Valentiny.

  1. LOVE that you turned Valentiny into a character, Janice! What a great idea! And I’m glad Rose got something nice for Valentine’s in spite of her grumpiness 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the first ever Valentiny fun!

    • Wow! I’m so amazed to hear from you! This is my first-ever children’s Story. My oldest son works for a group called Reading Partners in Baltimore, and helps get children who are way below grade level to grade level through a large group of one-on-one volunteers. I was thinking about his kids when I wrote this story. But wow! I’m so honored that you read it and left a comment. You just made my day!

  2. This gave me chills…in a good way. I love that every child got chocolatey lips and was able to share the sweetness of the moment. Would that it were true.

    Thank you for this heart felt moment Janice!

    • Thank you, Dianna. Maybe you could share with Girl Smarts? I appreciate your time to read it and respond. And it was SO great to meet you. Maybe I could come down for a visit sometime–let me know.

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