Memory, 9-11

You cannot touch years
Though memory bears their weight
I sip my coffee


As ever on this day, I have flashes of memories–7 months pregnant about to board a flight at BWI. When the men screamed run, for fear of bombs, I ran from the terminal and jumped in the first car I saw. I am grateful for that driver’s kindness, for he drove me home to Annapolis as fast as he could. I could only think to get to my children. But as Meredith, then 9, told me when I said, “You’re safe, I’m here”–“I will never be safe again.”

Even so, we try for security, and work toward it. As Helen Keller said, “Security is mostly an illusion.” In any case, in addition to my own small memories of that day and the ensuring years, my heart goes out to all who lost lives, loved ones, and illusions, who continue to live in fear and war.

For Grandmom, 93 today

She slips on the world
Our easy living room waltz
Goes the way of time

When I was a little girl, we’d visit my grandmother at her apartment. She’d put on records and teach us to box step. She could always dance, and I believe that although the years have slowed her considerably, her heart is dancing. I am sending great love and light to her this morning, as she is so far away from me in Fairbanks, Alaska. Grandmom, if I could be there, I would.

Grandmom in Alaska


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