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Haiku-ing To Fall

I must not have realized how long it had been between posts. When I realized that potential clients and new readers might land here, I discovered just how much time had passed, and thought a quick update was better than … Continue reading

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Girls to the Front

Last month, my youngest daughter graduated from college–applying her great intellect and innate creativity to make the most of her 4 years there, despite significant health challenges. While earning her degree, she became an advocate for many issues, such as … Continue reading

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Drawings for Stories in Process

I’ve been working hard to learn the craft of writing for children–it’s tough to do, but I’ve found a wonderful and supportive community where people trade ideas and offer helpful criticism. So, I thought I’d add a few images from … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Margaret

There are no ghosts for me to fear. When you arrive here, mid-dream, post- midnight, you appear whole and rested, your mind ready and quick as ever. We get on with things. You are dressed in our favorite shade of … Continue reading

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A Wing and a Prayer

Working on a series of three illustrated books celebrating relationships between women, granddaughters, and grandmothers. Posting a few here. Responses would be most welcome.   key words: illustrations, art, zentangles, grandmothers, grief,love

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